The Acquired Brain Injury unit opened at Orwell Private in 2016.Since then, we have grown an unrivalled reputation in the private care and rehabilitation of people who have suffered a traumatic head injury.  The profile of those that come to Orwell for care in this unit is primarily under 65yrs and they come with a view to improving their mobility, function, independence and quality of life.  Our in-house multi-disciplinary team headed by our Neuro Physiotherapist comprises of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, a Psychologist and a Speech & Language Therapist.

There is a fully kitted-out physiotherapy gym and an occupational therapy department with a kitchen, splinting room and other facilities to ensure the best exercises and learnings can be achieved.  The programme for each individual is orientated specifically to his/her needs in order to improve their quality of rehabilitation and maximise their potential to return to as much independence as possible while they stay with us or upon discharge.