Guide to Fair Deal

Guide to Fair Deal

What is Fair deal?

Fair Deal is a government funded scheme to assist with the cost of providing residential long-term care. We have many resident’s staying with us in Orwell Private and Orwell Queen of Peace who are part of the scheme.

Under this scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pays the balance. The amount you contribute will depend on a financial assessment caried out by the HSE. If the amount you contribute is less than the cost of your fee the HSE will cover the shortfall.

The scheme covers nursing and personal care, room and board, and general laundry.

Other goods and services may be available under schemes such as the Medical Card or Drugs Payment Scheme.
Fair Deal does not cover the mandatory Weekly Service Charge (WSC). The WSC covers a range of services provided to include social and therapeutic services, musicians, pastoral services, physiotherapy assessments, phlebotomy and infection control screening services.

Short term, respite or convalescent care is not covered by the Fair Deal Scheme.

How much will I pay?

The amount you pay towards your nursing home fees depends on your:

  1. Income (money you receive on a regular basis) – You will pay 80% (40% if you are part of a couple) based on your assessable income. Assessable income is your total income minus allowable deductions. Income is any money you receive on a regular basis.
  2. Assets (savings, investments and property) – You will also pay 7.5% (3.75% if you are part of a couple) of your assets such as land or property. The first €36,000 (€72,000 if you are part of a couple) of your assets is excluded from the assessment.
The 3-year cap

As part of the financial assessment under Fair Deal, you will contribute 7.5% (3.75% if you are part of a couple) of the value of certain assets each year towards the cost of your care for a maximum of 3 years.

These assets can include:

  • your home
  • the proceeds of the sale of your home
  • your farm or business

The 3-year cap applies whether you choose to take out a nursing home loan or not. Furter information is available on the the HSE website.

How do I apply?

There are 3 steps in the application process:

Step 1 is an application for a Care Needs Assessment. The Care Needs Assessment identifies whether you need long-term nursing home care, or if you can be supported to continue living at home.

Step 2 is an application for support. The Financial Needs Assessment looks at your income and assets in order to work out what your contribution to the cost of your care will be. The HSE will then pay the balance of your cost of care.

All applicants must complete Steps 1 and 2.

Step 3 is an optional application for the Nursing Home Loan, if you wish to defer paying the part of your contribution which is based on your home or other property.

Where a person may need care, and because of ill-health, a physical disability or a mental condition, is unable to make an application for a care needs assessment, a “specified person” may apply for a care needs assessment on their behalf.

Assistance in completing the forms is available from the Nursing Home Support Offices.

Information and the Application Form for Nursing home Support Scheme is available on the HSE website.

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