Orwell Healthcare shortlisted for Irish Healthcare Centre Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce that Orwell Healthcare has been shortlisted for Clinical Team of the Year at the Irish Healthcare Centre Awards!

The Clinical Team spent the entire month of February putting together a massive dossier outlining the incredible work they do on a daily basis at Orwell. Here’s an excerpt from the application that stood out to the judges:

Caring with awareness is an accurate description of our outstanding Clinical Team in Orwell Healthcare who are so deserving of this award. Described by all departments as dependable, knowledgeable, and, compassionate, they make it so we can provide the best care to residents without compromise.

Their solid and progressive teamwork has allowed us to confidently move forward, nurturing and developing new recruits to meet the same high standards, making the management of a full capacity Orwell Private look effortless.

Congratulations & good luck to the team! To see the full shortlist, please click the image below: